Thursday, June 22, 2017

Urine Can Be Used to Charge Smartphone Battery

Who would have thought if the urine could be used to charge the smartphone battery. Dinukil from the BBC page, researchers in the UK have developed a way to charging a smartphone, where the source uses urine.

In a video shown on the BBC page, a collection of saving cylinders filled with electro active micro organisms is shown. Where this has been made by bio-engineers at Bristol Robotics Lab.

"They eat waste. That's what their favorite item is, "says Professor Yannis Leropoulos, at Bristol BioEnergy.
Thus, the waste used was derived from the urine. Electron made as a product, this full package consists of 2 liters of urine.

From there, microbes can produce as many as 30 to 40 milliwats. The source is enough to charge the smartphone battery, screen, and light especially for portable toilets.
The team itself is experimenting on a system at the Glastonbury Festival. Where the festival will turn the urine into a source of strength. (Afr)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How to Use Google Maps "Offline" on Mudik

Entering the fourth week of Ramadhan 2017, the overseas community who live in the city began to prepare to go home or often called homecoming. One of the most popular homecoming alternatives is through land routes using two or four wheeled vehicles.

In this case, the application of digital maps such as Google Maps can be relied upon so that travelers are not lost direction. Moreover, especially during Ramadan, Google Maps features such a search of the nearest mosque and restaurant reservations to break the fast.

No less important, Google Maps can also be operated in an offline state aka without consuming internet data. That way, you do not have to worry if the Internet network in the path back and forth suddenly cut off due to traffic density. Batteries can be more efficient during the trip.

Note that offline Google Maps override has a condition. You must first download the lane of going home to get to the destination. Here's the step.

First, open the Google Maps app. Ability to try this offline digital map is already available for both Android and iOS devices. If you have not yet owned or updated the Google Maps app, please do so via their respective app stores. To update the Android version of the app, visit the following link. The iOS version can be found in this rel = "nofollow" link.

Second, find the destination location. Enter the destination town back and forth in the column marked "Search Here". At this stage you still have to connect internet. If at home or in the office available Wi-Fi access, you can use it to be more efficient.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Alert, Information Malware Thieves Infiltrate in the Play Store

Android users should be vigilant when downloading apps, even if they are Play Store made by Google itself. Recently revealed there is an application that infiltrated malware or malicious programs in Google's digital store.

Based on the search of Trend Micro antivirus company, the malicious program was called Xavier. The malware has been installed in over 800 free apps in the Google Play Store.

As reported by KompasTekno from Phone Arena, Monday (19/06/2017), Trend Micro reveals that the current malicious program that has been downloaded up to millions of times. Unfortunately, no names of Xavier-compliant apps have been mentioned.

Xavier itself is actually a "library" of advertising. Usually Xavier is installed in a free app for developers to earn money from advertising.

But lately it was revealed that Xavier turned out to have evolved into a malicious and complicated malicious program.