Thursday, July 19, 2018

Dark Web More Danger than Social Media

Cyber ​​security expert Dokter Pratama Persadha said the existence of dark web or dark sites is more dangerous than Twitter, Facebook and other social media. That is because the apparatus is very difficult to enter and anticipate.

"In the dark web more freely, one of them because of anonymous identity that makes it difficult to be tracked," said Primary when answering questions Antara in Semarang on Wednesday, related to the statement of TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto.

Previously, the TNI Commander in Jakarta, Tuesday (17/7) said that there has emerged a new group called "Cyber ​​Narcoterorism" which uses the virtual world as a vehicle to distribute and abuse narcotics, then the result to finance terrorism activities.

According to the TNI Commander, the "Cyber ​​Narcoterrorism" group uses a variety of leading websites, such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook for the purpose of seizing market share, spreading thoughts, encouragement, recruitment, and information.

Answering about the circulation of drugs by utilizing social media, according to Pratama, should the authorities investigate further related to the alleged existence of drug trafficking and acts of terrorism.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Facebook Trial Messenger Feature to Know Suspicious Accounts

Facebook is testing a feature in Messenger that will provide information about direct messages, direct messanges, from accounts not on your contact list or friends.

"We tested how to give users to know people who have not been in touch with them before," said one of Messenger's Facebook team, Dalya Browne, quoted from the motherboard page.

A multimedia expert named Erin Gallagher, gives a picture of the page in the form of a warning from Messenger, in the form of information that the person who sent the message using the Russian number, the new account is created and that the user is different from the name of a Facebook friend who has a similar name.

This new feature will help Facebook users to recognize accounts that interact with their original or fake because it is able to detect the number used.

The new ability of Facebook Messenger is also able to see if hackers use different numbers with country of origin and use old accounts to cover their tracks.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Microsoft Proposals Issue Special Rules Face Scanner System

Security technology that relies on face scanner system or facial recognition is growing rapidly. Seeing this condition, Microsoft President Brad Smith proposed that the United States government (US) make regulations that regulate the use of facial scanner system.

Citing Microsoft's official blog this weekend, Brad Smith hopes the regulatory release will prevent misuse of the face scanner system. CNN quoting the blog cited the need for a special rule limiting the use of technology.

"The face scanner raises the critical question, what role do we want from this technology in everyday life in society?" Smith wrote.

He revealed the company has responsibility for each innovation. Companies should be able to control how the technology is disseminated and ensure its use in accordance with the values ​​prevailing in the wider community.

"It may not be common for companies to ask governments to set rules for their products, but there are many markets where mature policies contribute to creating dynamic and healthy consumers and favored by producers," he said.